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How much does Video Production actually cost in NJ?

You saw the work, you reached out and we set up a time to meet. Now comes the time to discuss pricing. How much is this video production actually going to cost me?

This is such a simple question, yet a very dynamic answer. There are a ton of factors that play a huge role in determining the final cost of a production. We do have set rates for most of the productions we do, but there are factors that can change these rates.

Here is some information to help you best understand the different stages of a video: The pre-production, production and post-production phases.


The pre-production stages consists of an initial meeting to determine the needs of the production. Once a goal is set, we collaborate over ideas to produce the best possible outcome. We discuss possible locations for the shoot to take place. Additionally, we determine the crew size needed to accomplish our goals. Some projects only require a small crew of 2 to 3 members, but larger productions could require up to a dozen crew members. Crew size is determined during the pre-production phase. Once all of these steps are in place, we can determine a price that best suites your needs.

Some times certain aspects of a production can be overlooked. Things such as the need for a hair and make up artist, setup and break down time of lighting, cameras, etc, time on location scouting, etc.


Production day is here! We arrive on set typically an hour early to setup lighting, cameras, etc and answer any last minute questions. From there the production day is underway!


Post-Production is another huge aspect when producing a video. Post-Production includes: Transferring footage and audio from the memory cards to computer storage, Reviewing all footage and audio captures from the production day, Editing, sound editing, graphics or motion graphics, music, sending a rough cut for the client to make any revisions and finally a final cut ready for the web, etc.


When our team shows up for a shoot, we supply all of the technical tools to accomplish the goal of the production. Our basic tool kit consists of a camera(s), lighting, tripods, gimbals, monitors, microphones, sound recording, etc.
Along with the purchase cost of this equipment comes the maintenance and upkeep. Video Production tools are highly technical instruments. Just like a car, they need servicing to keep them performing well.

In addition to owning my own equipment, some clients or jobs require specialized gear to accomplish a shoot. This could include cameras to conduct a Facebook live or Youtube Live video, someone to operate the switching board, etc. Additional rental rates may apply.


Most of my jobs include a 2 person crew. This is typically Andy as a DP/camera and a crew member to record sound. We prefer this type of set up because it limits the amount of things that could go wrong during a shoot. Visuals are only 50% of a great story and 50% is listening to great sounding audio.
Some bigger jobs may require a larger crew, such as events, live streams or bigger productions with more moving parts.


Although it is a rare thing, accidents do happen. Not only is our gear fully insured, but we also carry liability insurance. If any of our crew members cause an accident of any sort, the production and my members are fully insured.


This covers car insurance, fuel, mileage, parking and airfare. A radius of 25 miles is included in the standard rate, but anything over that is considered when developing a price. This radius does not include working in NYC.


Today’s HD and UHD camera systems record digital files to memory cards. These files are then transferred from the camera to various types of computer storage. Depending on the size of the project, a hard drive may be an additional cost to the client. This is a hard drive that you keep and will be sold to you at the current market cost.

Basic numbers

Now that you gained some insight of what goes into a production, we can put together a rough idea of what your production will cost.

Please feel free to email us at Andy@cinegraphstudios.com to discuss your project and set up a meeting!